History Repeating

I’m pretty sure the entire county heard my yell.

I was outside minding my own business and installing a bathroom exhaust fan vent in the soffit when I was viciously attacked…again.

I went to put down a little silicone around the window trim when Big Momma came screaming out of the flowers at my face from about four inches away. By the way I yelled “SHIT!” and jumped back anyone watching would’ve thought there was a rattlesnake, at least.

Launching pad of the bird missile.

After telling Cooper to stop being a weenie (I was trying to pass the buck) because, “it was only a little house finch”, I went in for inspection.

Probably hatching soon!

Big Momma watched me and Cooper from the telephone wire close by while I counted the eggs. I replaced the foliage just the way I had found it and moved along to my next project but I can’t wait to show Lil’ Man! It’ll be fun to check in on them daily to see when they hatch and how they grow.

Also, what a good protector Big Momma is! I was literally above her nest using a drill and saw for about twenty minutes and she didn’t abandon her eggs. Sawdust was even floating down around them. I guess my ugly mug from inches away was the breaking point for her!

Nature is amazing and I love experiencing it.

I Like Turtles

Don’t be fooled, I am not the zombie kid all grown up.

While he and I share a love for our turtle friends, I am not nearly as youthful as that guy and he will probably grow up to be better looking than I am.

I can’t explain what it is about our fine reptilian friends that melts my heart (maybe I just like the underdogs?) but I will be damned if a bro gets smooshed on my watch. Over the years I have risked life and limb to hook many a potential ninja up with making it to the other side of the road.

Karma, bitch.

The latest installment of Operation Slowpoke happened this morning when I was taking my son to school. Halfway there I had to stop mid sentence (we were having a great discussion about deer and why we can’t pass cars on a road with double yellow lines) as a couple hundred yards ahead I spotted an all-too-familiar lump with legs trying his/her best to be Usain Bolt, man. There was positively no place to safely stop and help so I sent positive vibes out to the ether in hopes that this one was able to make it safely across the road. Pre-kid days I would’ve pulled off in a safe manner to get the job done but you can’t be risking your kid’s well being, you know? No driveways or berms on this particular road.

Anyhow, after dropping Lil’ Man off at school I retraced my route with high hopes that there wouldn’t be a greasy smear where Raphael once stood. To my surprise, He was in the same damn spot where I passed him twenty minutes prior with his shit all tucked in and, honestly, I presume he was sending up some frantic prayers to the giant Turtle in the sky. About 200 yards past him I was able to pull off in a driveway and I hoofed it back to where he was rooted.

Where are your sai, Raphael?
Where are your sai, Raphael?

As per usual, my method is to deposit my new acquaintance about four feet past the edge of the road in the direction that he/she is headed. Ain’t nothin’ finer than looking ’em in the eye and having that connection where you realize they now owe you one and will eat all of the spiders that haunt your nightmares.

image1 (4)

I like turtles.

The Return of the Hummingbirds

Little Man and I were wrestling on the bedroom floor when something hovering outside the window caught my eye. I ran over to the window and looked out to see a Ruby-throated hummingbird dart away but his lady friend kept her perch on the gutter. I ran out to the garage and snagged my feeder, filled it, and placed it outside as fast as I could but I was also annoyed with myself for not doing it sooner. I figured the migration was happening but it still seemed a bit cold so I was waiting to put the feeder outside. I planted some azaleas this spring already and the rhododendron are blooming so hopefully that was enough for my house to be noticed by those little guys that don’t remember from last year.

I have been waiting for this time since last fall! We usually have a really good population and it is a lot of fun to see them all come for the last feeding of the night. It’s like hungry, hungry hippos out there with a bunch of dive bombing and jockeying. Who knew something so little could be so angry!

I feel like one of our cats with my nose pressed against the front porch window waiting for the first hummingbird to approach the feeder.

This also brings to mind the garage rescues that have happened since we moved into this house. I have saved many a hummingbird from the black hole that is my garage and I can’t understand why they can fly in but not back out. The white ceiling must be confusing to them as far as I can figure. I wonder how many will need rescue this year?

Male Ruby-throated hummingbird all wrapped up in a spider web.
Male Ruby-throated hummingbird all wrapped up in a spider web.

The hardest part about the spider webs is when it gets wrapped around their little legs. I feel like I am going to break them just by holding them as it is like trying to hold a bubble without popping it.

Lady Ruby all wrapped up.
Lady Ruby all wrapped up