Fuck. Me.

I have to say that I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus but I was recently told about The Backyard Sessions that apparently came out in 2012.

Girl does a damn good job on this Dolly classic.

Is she as hot as Dolly Classic?

dolly hot pants

Nope. Dolly forever, bitches. But her voice is damn good. If she did something besides that pop crap maybe I’d buy the CD. Check out the rest of The Backyard Sessions on YouTube. Seriously, girl has a great voice.

A Damn Good Song

Matt Pryor.

Flippin’ love this dude whether he is part of The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, or his solo work. I damn near popped a fuse when I met him this past spring and while I believe that I appropriately articulated how much his work meant to me I don’t know if it quite registered. At any rate, I got my #selfie with him, bought a T-shirt, and rocked out for a while.

I think his solo work would do well here in town and I told him as much but who knows if he will ever stop on by. I told him that he was the reason I wanted to pick up the guitar and it wasn’t a lie as I have been singing his shit since I was a teenager. Sadly life got in the way of life so I just picked up the guitar almost two years ago but I am on my way, man!

Maybe I just dig his stuff. Maybe we’re just two dudes from the heartland of the good ol’ U-S-of-A. Either way I am working on learning a handful of his songs and The Hotness will have to bow before my/his greatness!

I hope to one day get up for an open mic or a damn, legit show where I strum and sing my balls off.

Either way, Matt Pryor is the business.