Lord Business: “Alright, dude, I don’t want to hear any splashing in the bath tub tonight.”

Lil’ Man: “Daddy?”

Lord Business: “Yes?”

Lil’ Man: “What about splooshing?”

Lord Business: “Um…No. No splooshing either.”


Holy Sh*t

Here I am doing complex math computations in my mind regarding sprocket diameter and tooth count for the KTM rear hub when The Hotness rounds the corner to say hello.

Mind you it is past her bedtime and I had SeƱor Johnson in my hand mid bladder leak.

She’s damn lucky I didn’t piss all over the bathroom but I have to admit I stopped mid-stream.

You ever try stopping mid-stream? ‘Tis a feat paramount to nuclear fission.

ENO Double Nest Hammocks

Sometimes there is a need for such relaxation that you just don’t know how to tackle that feat. At the end of the day there isn’t much needed other than a trusty ENO hammock. I decided to rock out with the Double Nest in hopes that my lil’ lady would want to snuggle up but so far I am flying solo with extra room.

I have to say that ENO (Eagle Nest Outfitters) knows exactly what-in-the-heck they are doing. They are a lightweight hammock that is good enough for daily use as well as backpacking through the woods. Lightweight, well made, plenty of accessories, and tons of bad ass-ery to last you a good ol’ while. Colors depend on the year and production run but bug nets and rain flies are readily available, among other accompaniments.

Atlas straps and a Double Nest make for a good ol' time.
Atlas straps and a Double Nest make for a good ol’ time. Cutoff shorts available as an option.

A stuff sack is sewn into each hammock so you never have to worry about losing your gear. Atlas straps are what I settled on (also made by ENO) and they offer a ton of flexibility for attaching to just about any upright surface that you have for about $25-30 depending on where you order from. As previously mentioned, they stuff down right quick into their own stuff sack and easily fit into a pocket in your backpack or in your car. I would be comfortable using this as my main source of housing during the summer months without question!

ENO has your back. Check ’em out.


At bedtime tonight I told Lil’ Man his story and then we were talking about the day and what to expect for tomorrow.

I ended it with, “OK, bud, you’re not going to get out of your bed tonight, right?”

“That’s right, Daddy, I won’t get out of my bed and you won’t get out of your bed.”

And then he put his right index finger on my lips and went, “Shhhhhhhh”.

Not three minutes later he was out of his bed and about to turn off his monitor so I couldn’t see him.

I can’t wait until he comes to visit me in the old folk’s home so I can pull this kind of stuff with him!

Bedtime Story 2

Little Man was kind enough to hook me up with another bedtime story tonight.

“Once upon a time there was a boy named Daddy. He put me in bed and told me to stay in bed but I got out. I went to his bed because I love that bed. The End.”

I then told him his good night story where he and Cooper (our dog) sailed among the stars and went surfing on the sun.

“But, Daddy, the sun is too hot.”

Haha…”yeah, buddy, I guess you’re right.”

Ain’t nothing else to say.

Story Time With Little Man

Instead of me telling a story or reading a book at bed time tonight I asked Little Man to tell me a story. I knelt next to his bed and put my head on his belly and he said (while stroking my hair), “Well, once upon a time there was a boy named Daddy who lived in Jesus’ heart with his sweatshirt, jacket, and cutted hair. The end.”


At least he doesn’t think I live in the Devil’s heart.