Ruby, Queen of the Heart Melters

This little one pound badass defied odds and lived in a car’s engine bay for at least two days when she was finally discovered. The family that found her wasn’t able to keep her so we definitely fell on that sword after meeting her.

She had her first vet visit yesterday and received a good bill a health so we are happy! She’s probably good to go due to the heaping helpings of love that Lil’ Man has been bestowing upon her.

Like we couldn’t keep her after they claimed each other.

Obviously Cooper has welcomed her with open arms but Ollie is a bit of a different story, sadly. We hope she’ll come around and while she isn’t aggressive she is completely cranky and doesn’t want to snuggle up. Ruby doesn’t seem to mind so that’s good.

I can’t wait to see more of her personality grow! She already is really funny and full of energy and not really shy at all. She could never replace Mika but she’s off to a good start being a part of the family!

Captain Creation and His Many Marvels

That title is fucking copyrighted, bitches, so don’t try to steal it. Is it my band name? A porn I’m producing? Guess you’ll just have to wait and see what comes of it. Irregardless, pop them peepers on the Clutch video below that again springs forth from Psychic Warfare and I will continue after.

One could say that I have been dabbling on Craigslist trying to lure some fellow jackass into creating music together but I have been striking out. Of course I’m leery of most anything on Craigslist with the exception of selling my cared-for-but-no-longer-needed-goods so I get people not clambering to reach me over my post in the music community section but, come on! I’ve also got my guitar teacher on the hunt for a fellow to work with so maybe that avenue will produce some leads.

Anyhow, I’m getting off track.

I have a new goal.

Through the magic of the interwebs and wireless communications I am challenging/collaborating with my buddy in Ohio to see what becomes of it. Think of it as an exercise in creation that doesn’t result in a new human life. We each have two weeks to create or add and then the baton is passed to the other participating party; not unlike a “puff-puff-pass” scenario of high school days of old. I really do think it’ll be a good thing but maybe not enough.

So, Master Plan Part Two.

Starting this fantastic month of September I am going to challenge myself to write the music and lyrics to a song every month. As you can only imagine they’re all not going to get me inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but the process might just get me headed in the right direction.

Captain Creation is putting on his rock’n’roll spandex, bitches.

Jam(s) Of The Day

Hot damn! I sure do love me some Clutch! Their newest album has basically been on repeat for sometime now so I just gotta share the goodness.

Lead track off Psychic Warfare: “X-Ray Visions”

Followed closely by this mother of a jam right here: “A Quick Death in Texas”

Are they the best music videos I’ve ever seen? No. But hot snot do these two jams get the blood moving on a daily basis. Time flies when I’m wrenchin’ on the KTM or Triumph in the garage with this band pumpin’ through the sound system.

Give ’em a listen. They’re very much worth it.

Not to mention the fact that they make me wanna pick up the Gibson and work out some jams of my own.

A Way With Words

Two days ago Lil’ Man and I were cruising the aisles when I finally caved. He has been wanting some fish for a while so we made that happen for him. Of course we talked about how they would become family members that needed care and attention before pulling the trigger and he assured me that he was in full compliance.

After getting home I set up the aquarium with his help and Acorn, Lipstick, Rainbow, Spanky, and Goldie plopped down into their new home. Sadly, Spanky passed away last night and I had to break the news to Lil’ Man this morning when we went to feed the school.

Stating that he felt badly for “poor Spanky” I told him how we had to have a funeral for our new friend. I placed him in the toilet and told Lil’ Man how it is customary to speak at a funeral and that I would go first if he wanted. I figured he wouldn’t really know what to say but he said he would like to speak first. It was really sweet to hear him say how he was sad for Spanky and that he was a good fish. I spoke my piece and after Lil’ Man flushed the toilet to send Spanky off to his next adventure.

Later he asked me why Spanky had to die and that makes me sad but I guess it is for the best that he learns certain facets of life sooner rather than later.

Either way I have to say Lil’ Man has a sweet heart.


Lord Business: “Alright, dude, I don’t want to hear any splashing in the bath tub tonight.”

Lil’ Man: “Daddy?”

Lord Business: “Yes?”

Lil’ Man: “What about splooshing?”

Lord Business: “Um…No. No splooshing either.”


Holy Sh*t

Here I am doing complex math computations in my mind regarding sprocket diameter and tooth count for the KTM rear hub when The Hotness rounds the corner to say hello.

Mind you it is past her bedtime and I had Señor Johnson in my hand mid bladder leak.

She’s damn lucky I didn’t piss all over the bathroom but I have to admit I stopped mid-stream.

You ever try stopping mid-stream? ‘Tis a feat paramount to nuclear fission.