BMI and Me

Henceforth you may refer to me as Lord Beef.

I’m just shy of 6’4″ and weigh 215 pounds currently. Well, currently and “recently” since I have been 215 for half a year now. Ok so let’s just call it three quarters of a year. Whatever.

I spent most of my growing years as what most people would call a “string bean”. No matter what I ate or did I couldn’t seem to bust on past 170 pounds so I just figured shit was what it was. Life went on as it tends to do and here I am in present time at 215 pounds.

I started lifting in a soft core fashion a few years ago and I saw an increase in muscle mass so I know I’m not all fat. Hell, I’m not even fat. If you saw me on the street you wouldn’t get all wide eyed and go slack jawed as I sauntered past! But that brings me to my point.

According to the National Institute of Health my BMI is 26.2 and that falls smack dab in the middle of the “overweight” statistic. If I drop 170 pounds into the calculator my stats register on the “normal” statistic. Now I can guarantee with 100% certainty that if one could see my 170lb. version hot stepping down the avenue next to my current 215lb. self there wouldn’t be anyone getting moist over the skinnier option.

All said and done the BMI calculator is a bunch of shit. It doesn’t account for muscle ratio vs. chub ratio so fuck it. Why feel bad about myself over a generic and shit calculator?

Can someone come up with an equation to factor an accurate method to measure general weight health? It’s 2016!

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