Tons of Fun

Ol’ Chubby Magoo Ollie has been a bit of a different cat since Mika passed in January. I feel for her because I think she is lonely now but it is almost a good thing because she comes around more. I have really been working with Lil’ Man on loving and respecting her chubby butt and it has worked! She really is terrified of life (besides The Hotness and me) but instead of hissing at him now she lowers her head so she doesn’t have to look him in the eye and receives his scratching and love. Sadly, she still hates Cooper and he is terrified of her.

The look she gave me right as I thought I was doing a good job sneaking up on her while she napped. 

She’s much more vocal now and it is pretty fun when she wants attention. I’ll gladly fill the void that Mika left in her life because she is a sweetheart. Hell, she’s family. She’s been around for over ten years!

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