You Never Know

A couple days ago my buddy got ahold of me to let me know about his brother-in-law’s situation. It turns out he had an overdose at the ripe old age of 32 and was being kept alive by machinery at the hospital.

I was really sad to hear the news for a few different reasons. First, I’m sad because the guy had a shit time growing up. He took care of his mom while she died a long death due to cancer and lost his dad a few years ago. Second, he was good enough to serve his country but had another shit time overseas. Third, his poor kids and remaining family.

He didn’t grow up a junkie and I don’t know if he planned to overdose or not but if he did I don’t blame him. It isn’t cowardice I just really think some flowers aren’t meant to (or can’t) bloom in some of the gardens they’re planted in. Of course his small kids don’t understand that but they also don’t understand how some wounds can be deep enough to never be healed.

Obviously all of this makes me reflect on myself and my family. I don’t ever want to hurt my kid. I don’t ever want to hurt my wife. At the end of the day all I hope for is to enjoy our Willy Wonka boat ride down the chocolate river and appreciate the kaleidoscope of experiences along the way.

On the same hand, you don’t always know what someone close to you might be going through. Hell, it might not even be someone close to you going through some shit but that shouldn’t stop us from taking some time to ask if everything is ok.

Through all of this my buddy has been bedside at the hospital and I have to give him a lot of credit. He spent two days in the room until other family members could fly in from different parts of the country because he didn’t want his brother-in-law to be alone, even if he was already gone.

I guess I’m not entirely sure of everything I want to say. In the meanwhile be sure to love those that are important to you, let them know it, help those who need it, help those who don’t know they need it, love your country, and donate blood when you can.

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