Snicker Micks

Last night was a rough one.

Our Tortie, Mika, crossed over to the other side and left a big ol’ empty spot in our hearts.

Taking a break from a little reading

Not only was she a damn pretty cat, she was the perfect blend of spunk and love.

Performing a cat scan on all inbound mail to make sure it’s safe.

Her battle with cancer was quick but it was painful to watch her soldier through it.

What do you mean this isn’t my new bed?

She was the first animal that The Hotness and I rescued and in her ten years on the Earth she witnessed every major event of our life together.

Deciding if the celly is friend or foe.

At baseline I am a lover of animals but I never knew I could love a cat as much as I love Mika. She was something special. She deserved more than cancer. She deserved going out while fighting a grizzly bear to defend her catnip.

What do you mean “no more catnip”?!

We brought her home after she went to sleep and I buried her beneath an oak tree I planted this fall. It was hard to say goodbye but at least we have all of the memories…

Goodnight, Mika.

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