Lady Catniss Never Apologizes.

Little Man is under the impression that he is somehow an animal whisperer. It is troublesome, however, that his hands lack what could be called “kindness”. Our eldest cat is ten years of age and loves most everyone but even with her good spirits she can handle only so much love. I have really been working with The Nugget on using our “gentle hands” when dealing with the cats and dog but as you can imagine his excitement sometimes gets the best of him.

Mika (Lady Catniss) was under the kitchen table receiving some gentle, loving scratching for a while until she wanted to move on to another vantage point. Little Man followed her and didn’t pick up on the lioness body language that cuddle time was, in fact, over. He attempted the ill fated belly rub (in spite of being told to never attempt this maneuver) and after enduring all she could handle, the Lady of the house gripped his hand between her chompers and held it there. She is not an evil cat and I have to admit that if it was me rubbing her belly she would have flat-out attacked, but she knows that Little Man requires training still so she just holds his hands in her mouth.

Tears fell and protests were yelled but at the end of the day he was just tired and had nothing more than a minor scratch. He and I talked about why the offense happened and how it could be prevented next time but I cracked up when he said, “But, Daddy, she didn’t apologize! She bit me and she didn’t say that she was sorry!”

Language barriers be damned!!! Little Man requires an apology!!!

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