Dudes Doin’ Dude Stuff

Recently I met my buddy from The North in the middle ground of West Virginia for a weekend of camping with the little ones. He brought his tribe of three and Lil’ Man and I headed North to meet them at Holly River State Park. The women folk weren’t invited. Bam. I said it. Might as well have been a new meeting of the He-Man Women Haters Club.

We had never stayed at this park before but we recognized the entrance since we had ridden our motorcycles past it this spring when we met for our annual motorcycle camping trip. This particular park is perfectly in the middle of nowhere (just like the rest of West Virginia) with no cell service and a cool breeze.

Trust two man Eureka! tent for the Lil' Man and me.
Trusty two man Eureka! tent for the Lil’ Man and me.

It is nestled against a river (by name) but I think it is more of a creek due to the fact that there wasn’t much moving water. All of the sites were surrounded by mature trees so that made even the hottest of late summer days tolerable…or maybe it was the tasty beverages?

XL Slumberjack and the mini for Turd Ferguson.
XL Slumberjack and the mini for Turd Ferguson.

Thankfully I was able to pick a spot across the road from a playground and the kids definitely tore that beast up! My buddy and I were able to keep an eye on three out of the four from our camp chairs while the fourth one worked on burning every limb and log in the place. I taught them how to build a fire from nothing but true to most new generations they thought it wasn’t as cool as just tossing some lighter fluid on and going from there.

I wouldn't have bought wood if I had known we had a scavenger/pyro coming to the party!
I wouldn’t have bought wood if I had known we had a scavenger/pyro coming to the party!

Lil’ Man got to find toads, deer poo, centipedes, and salamanders so that was most definitely a win for him. He had never spent time with the other three before but everyone got along really well and occupied their time in good fashion. Of course at times it felt a little bit like Dumb and Dumber…

My buddy and I like to cook over the campfire but with four kids on hand we found it nice to be able to hit up with camp restaurant on the morning of departure. Nothing spells success like a couple eggs, hash browns, and sausage!

Homemade bread makes some good toast, son.
Homemade bread makes some good toast, son.
One satisfied camper!
One satisfied camper!

Wildlife is abundant in the campground and I was able to show the Lil’ Man the difference between and male and female deer; plus we spotted one of my favorite birds, the white-breasted nuthatch. You do have to mind your manners as you are camping in bear country but we didn’t have any angry visitors this trip, thankfully.

All in all I would recommend this park/campground to anyone. The staff is beyond friendly and we basically had the entire place to ourselves so it was nice and quiet. Of course, if you go whenever school isn’t in session I would expect to find more of a crowd.

Lil’ Man had a great time camping for a few days with his old man and The Hotness had an exercise in anxiety control since we were out of cell service. Everyone pulled through the weekend and I would go back tomorrow! Go out and check this park out or at the very least go camping somewhere else. Turn your celly off and shut your mind down. Spend some quality time with those that you love and make some new friends. Grill some food and make S’mores! Wrestle a black bear.

Hell, just get some fresh air.

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