Friday Funday

So a lil’ update on the ol’ Speed 3 is in order. This spring I had fitted my lady with a Competition Werkes shorty exhaust and it sounded about as sweet as an angel’s note could be…except after a couple hours it gave me a pounding headache as it was level with my eardrums. I have swapped out the exhaust of every bike I have owned to date and they barked like beasts but I guess the key to success is not getting older and ensuring the muffler belches behind you.

Hot Damn! What a sexy bitch!
Hot Damn! What a sexy bitch!

I decided to switch back to the OEM exhaust yesterday so I rolled up to my Triumph dealer to have my engine map switched back the original and they were kind enough to fit me in before closing. After Lil’ Man went to bed I replaced the shorty with the OEM exhaust and finished prepping for my ride today. Sure, I added 15 pounds back onto the bike but I don’t get a headache after a couple hours of riding and that is about as close to the bees knees as one can get.

241 miles of riding today with some great sites seen along the way and I am as happy as a clam. While bustin’ up into West Virginia a stop at the Indian Creek covered bridge (built 1898) was in order.

Indian Creek Covered Bridge
Indian Creek Covered Bridge

The ride finished out with great fashion and I was able to snag an iced coffee before heading home so you know that was awesome! Hotness and I met up with some of her co-workers at a brew house a few miles down the road and we watched Lil’ Man run around with a buddy. All in all, a great way to cap off the day.

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