A damn good Sunday

I have to admit that I needed yesterday! The Hotness enabled me to dip out for a good while on the Speed 3 and you know that I took advantage. Backroads to 221S all the way down to Floyd for a quick lunch at Blue Ridge Restaurant was the first thing the doctor ordered. I enjoy finding random places to eat while I am out on adventure and the Blue Ridge Restaurant in “downtown” Floyd was a good place to stop.

image1 (12)

One lunch portion of hamburger steak with gravy, potato cakes, and a corn muffin were just what a weary soul needed to get back on the horse. Was it a 10 of 10 world class meal? No, but it was seemingly good ol’ home cooking lunch rating about a 6.5-7 of 10 and it filled my belly.

After settling the bill I threw a leg over my trust lady and continued down 221S to 94N. I think that 94N to 52E was the best part of my day and it would’ve been even better without the traffic that I encountered. About eleven miles before the intersection of 221 and 52S I stopped for a little liquid elixir as I was definitely running on empty mentally.

A lil' pick-me-up.
A lil’ pick-me-up.

The weather was supposed to be all good all day but I guess when you mix Appalachian mountains with passing wind gusts/clouds you can’t ever be really sure. This dark cloud system followed me my entire ride and it was definitely a back and forth battle for supremacy.

Don't rain on my parade, son.
Don’t rain on my parade, son.

52E was more of a southern route and it was pretty enjoyable except for the good ol’ boy who gestured wildly and flicked his cigarette butt out his Dodge Ram window at me for some reason? Thankfully Lover’s Leap was just ahead and is a great stopping point for a photo opportunity and breather.

Great View!
Great View!

Keep on 52E to 8N and you won’t be disappointed. 8N is great all the way to the Blue Ridge Parkway but I split off at 40E on this trip. 40E is fantastic until you get to Ferrum. If you recall from an earlier post, Ferrum has a good little coffee shop/deli/pizza spot next to the college campus and I recommend it. The coffee shop was closed by the time that I arrived but the ice cream from the deli was a great second place prize.

How is this one scoop?!
How is this one scoop?!

One scoop of coffee chocolate chip ice cream from a local creamery was just what I needed at this point in the day. I took my time at this stop and adjusted my route home by taking Ferrum Mountain Road north to Callaway. I wouldn’t speed along this route as it is a one and a half lane road but it was a fun journey.

After arriving back at home and removing my gear I had to admit that it was a great day and a ride! A little bit of rain never hurt anyone and a damn good scoop of ice cream can heal all residual wounds.

Long live motorcycles, greasy spoon restaurants, and ice cream!

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