A Damn Good Song

Matt Pryor.

Flippin’ love this dude whether he is part of The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, or his solo work. I damn near popped a fuse when I met him this past spring and while I believe that I appropriately articulated how much his work meant to me I don’t know if it quite registered. At any rate, I got my #selfie with him, bought a T-shirt, and rocked out for a while.

I think his solo work would do well here in town and I told him as much but who knows if he will ever stop on by. I told him that he was the reason I wanted to pick up the guitar and it wasn’t a lie as I have been singing his shit since I was a teenager. Sadly life got in the way of life so I just picked up the guitar almost two years ago but I am on my way, man!

Maybe I just dig his stuff. Maybe we’re just two dudes from the heartland of the good ol’ U-S-of-A. Either way I am working on learning a handful of his songs and The Hotness will have to bow before my/his greatness!

I hope to one day get up for an open mic or a damn, legit show where I strum and sing my balls off.

Either way, Matt Pryor is the business.

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