Three Tiny Threats

There I was minding my own business watering some flowers when all of a sudden I was jumped by three vicious assailants. My brain fluttered between delivering sweet justice either via ninja roundhouse or judo chop but thankfully in that half second I was able to realize that the threat wasn’t much of a threat at all. Three sibling house finches sprang forth from their nest (roughly a foot away from my face at the time) to escape the water and unfortunately there weren’t developed enough to fly. Who knew Hosta plants could provide such cover?

Den of the Monsters
Den of the Monsters

One ran to the corner, another into the yard, and the last one booked it around the corner while trying to fly. After I collected my girly ass I went to the front door to get The Hotness and Booger so they could see the lil’ ones. We approached the sprout that was in the grass and sadly I didn’t take a picture of the cuteness that followed. He or she right up puffed themselves up and spread their wings in a valiant attempt to be complete badass and thwart their perceived enemies. Boog thought it was darn cute but right about this time Momma flew in from a nearby arborvitae and tried to gather her flock. The dude/chick in the corner kept where it was, the flight attempter followed, but the lawn ornament stayed put with chest puffed.

Nobody can see me. Nobody can see me. NOBODY CAN SEE ME!
Nobody can see me. Nobody can see me. NOBODY CAN SEE ME!

Now that we were down to two refugees and it was clear that they couldn’t fly back up to their home I picked up the lawn squatter and put it in the mulch near the wallflower. He/she quickly figured out their next move and hid behind the downspout while pretending they were invisible.

All invisible and whatnot.
All invisible and whatnot.

Momma bird got scared and flew to the telephone pole and left Moe around the corner from Captain Invisible until I left the scene.

Lookin' all tough.
Lookin’ all tough.

The siblings at this point realized that me and Cooper weren’t a threat and stayed put while waiting for Momma Bird to tell them what to do. It was pretty cool to see them and watch our dog sniff them with interest. I can only imagine what the birds were thinking!

Coop and I left the area and Momma came down to usher the flock to safety but I feel guilty for not putting all three babies back in their nest. Maybe they wouldn’t have stayed or maybe they would’ve. Who knows? Either way Momma wasn’t far away and put their fears to rest.

I hope one day they fly down to Cooper and hang out for a while.

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