Stomp Out Them Miles

Fresh air and a good set of boots strapped to your feet equals the start to a damn fine day. I used to be one to walk (with the company of my best and four legged friend, Cooper) roughly three miles every day but since I have become a stay-at-home Dad to Turd Ferguson and we moved to the country I haven’t had the opportunity to get out for a stomp on a daily basis. That being said I recently got out for a good lil’ hike with The Hotness and some friends visiting from Asheville. While Turd was hanging out with the sitter and working on his backstroke we headed North about forty minutes to the Daleville Park and Ride parking lot. Rumor had it that there was an obscure trail located at the corner of the parking area and we were set on finding it. I have to say that if you didn’t know the trail was there you wouldn’t have ever noticed it. Once we hopped on the trail we quickly met the Appalachian Trail and hiked up (and I do mean up) like billy goats for a good damn while. Near the top of the mountain there is a power line that you might not want to hang out by for an extended amount of time as you can hear it buzzing like a car battery powered lady love rocket. That being said, walk along the ridge for about fifteen minutes until you get to a fantastic view of Carvin’s Cove.

Behold the Greatness
Behold the Greatness

Even on a 90 degree day there was a great breeze along the ridge that cooled my core and there were plenty of kite birds soaring. It was awesome!

White, puffy clouds can't hold the deep thoughts produced. Solvin' life issues, son.
White, puffy clouds can’t hold the deep thoughts produced. Solvin’ life issues, son.

At this point you might want to turn around and hike back to town or you could keep going all the way to Maine. I don’t care. Whatever blows your hair back, sir.

We only had a couple hours before our babysitter time expired and this was a great little hike to get out and see some wildlife and appreciate the finer things of life…

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