Buffalo All Up In This…

A Modern Man knows a good time when he sees one and that is the honest-to-goodness truth. Hey, you need that bottle cap ninja kicked off? Yeah, the Modern Man has your back. You tired of beef all up in your hamburger? Son, the Modern Man knows just what the doctor ordered (Prilosec and a gym membership) and the answer is always more bison.

So what does bison and 1050cc of intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust have in common? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that those two genres go together like a young Forrest and Jenny. Peas and carrots. Peanut butter and jelly.

Let’s just start on 311N out of Roanoke. The climb up and over Pott’s Mountain is fantastic as long as there wasn’t a very recent rain as the gravel washout can be a bit tricky in the corners. The descent on the backside is just as exhilarating as the ascent but don’t blink as you might miss the perfect little “town” of Paint Bank. There is a gas station/general store that I stumbled across a couple years ago while I was exploring on my enduro and it has become one of my favorite stops on a motorcycle. In the back of the general store there is a restaurant that is open and serving just about everything a person could want. The crown jewel of the menu, you ask? Buffalo. Locally raised buffalo, I might add. Even if buffalo isn’t your thing they have plenty there that can satisfy the least modern of men and/or women. Just don’t come crying to me if you have a low iron count. That being said, I have also had their chicken sandwiches and they are quite tasty as well.

Hot damn! I mean, hot buffalo!
Hot damn! I mean, hot buffalo!
Great food and great atmosphere!
Great food and great atmosphere!

After tanking up on the sweet meat of the prairie don’t forget to fill up the tank of your ride and continue heading north on 311. Just don’t blink as you might smash into a roaming black bear or deer that isn’t used to seeing humans. Head west on 159 and hook up with 220N. If you’re into golfing you might just think you died and gone to heaven as this section of 220 is part of the Sam Snead Highway. Take 220N to 39E and then take a right onto Douthat State Park road to head south. After about 13 miles or so you’ll find yourself in a great little campground. Don’t be shy about staying a good while to fish/hike/relax/ride the area. Trust me, you can’t go wrong in this area whether you are on a street bike or an enduro. Just rock out with your…you know.

Lest we forget where we started, buffalo and motorcycles are two peas in a pod and the Swinging Bridge restaurant. Pairing a great ride with a great restaurant is always a great time!

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