Johnny Who?

Captain Green Thumb up in this bitch with some air scrubbers on order from the National Arbor Day Foundation and some other website that is just in it for the money.

National Arbor Day Foundation: The Shade Tree Collection (River Birch, Lacebark Elm, Silver Linden, Northern Red Oak, Tulip Tree), the Spring Color Collection (Japanese Dogwood, White Dogwood, Saucer Magnolia, Star Magnolia, Eastern Redbud), one free Red Maple and two free Forsythias. All that and a membership for $60, what a deal!!

That other place: 3 Superior Hybrid Poplars for $80. I went with these due to the specific need that I had and the fact that they grow up to 8 feet in a year. I need some shade, man!

Johnny Appleseed ain’t got shit on me. He probably paid less, though.

But still, Earth Day, bitches.

My bluebirds and hummingbirds are gonna dig these new trees!

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