Two Wheels and Some Steel

Today was a perfect day to get out for a ride on the Speed 3! I haven’t been doing much road riding the past couple years due to the lack of a proper bike (The Hotness is always trying to keep a brother down) but I am really happy to be back at it.

The main sections of the ride were on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Copper Hill to Tuggle Gap where we got on Route 8 headed south to Woolwine. In Woolwine we stopped for a stretch and a little water before turning east on Route 40 and headed toward Rocky Mount. The BRP was nice but probably the least interesting segment of the ride. Don’t get me wrong, gentle sweepers and beautiful scenery is great but I was looking to put my bike through more of a work out since we are still getting to know one another. Route 8 had potential to be the gem of the day in spite of being a short section (that’s what she said) but the tractor trailer in front of me definitely harshed my mellow. Pretty sure we topped out at 5mph in the gnarly sections.

On a side note, it is scary as hell to watch a big ass semi swing wide and use both lanes in the road to negotiate blind corners. If a car or me on my motorcycle was be-boppin’ along in the opposite direction at a normal pace there is no way that we wouldn’t have been hit. I followed him for maybe five miles or so and watched him do this at least ten times and I held my breath each instance. Just a reminder to always be on the ball but some things are out of your control even if you cross all your T’s and dot the I’s. YOLO I guess?

So, back to the ride. Route 40 between Ferrum and Woolwine is quite possibly the bee’s knees (There is an art gallery at the intersection that I want to revisit). There are nice, short straight sections connecting the tight twisties and it was hard to subdue the grin inside my helmet. Speed 3 and I were working on becoming more than just friends (I will review her another time) and my fresh Bridgestone BT016s were hooking me up just like the old days on the R1. Hot damn! A hot stop in Ferrum was in order and there was a local mercantile/Papa John’s/etc. conglomerate just east of the college where ice cream, donuts and coffee were consumed. The coffee and donut blew but it was good enough to plug the gap until I got home.

All in all, good day and a good ride and thank God for compression shorts.

Ferrum Speed

Speed 3 in Blue (flippin’ sexy ass single sided swingarm…) and a Rocket III in black.

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